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Dinah Facius

Dinah Facius is the founder of Freedom Health and Yoga, and creator of the ‘Freedom from Back-Pain’ Kit.

Back Pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide with 540 million sufferers. 40% of sufferers develop chronic back pain, which means they haven’t found the answer to their problem!

But specific and targeted programs, including structured relaxation, targeted visualisation, stretching and strengthening exercises, have been shown, in trials, to reverse the causes of idiopathic back problems. (idiopathic= of unknown origin).

Yoga can regenerate, re-energise, and re-establish strength and flexibility, so sufferers can return to health, vitality and a full and satisfying life.

Dinah says, ‘It has been a high point in my life to be involved in delivering to people the things they really want – well-being, peace of mind and happiness!

We live in a world fraught with difficulties, but we can learn how to release stress, use our bodies efficiently, (and thus reduce wear and tear, pain and stiffness) and become physically, mentally and emotionally strong and resilient, so we are able to face problems positively, and act responsibly and lovingly – towards one another and our world.’

Dinah was unprepared to be devastated by her own acute and agonising back pain episode. Through this experience she was motivated to learn how her own skills could be applied directly to solve this problem.

She also sought other knowledge and practical understanding of what it takes to recover and be able to sustain ongoing strength, health, and vitality.

She was surprised and delighted to discover the BVIH, as she thought she was moving to a sleepy little town!

The information and support provided in the 12-week course has helped her to crystallise her business structures and fine tune her offerings, and go to market strategy, so now she feels well equipped to go ahead in her endeavour!

As I worked my way through the iAccelerate program, it was obvious that we were working with cutting edge business training and development ideas. We were challenged, supported, and inspired.

Dinah Facius,
Freedom Health