Team Members

Sarah Campbell-Lambert

My name is Sarah Campbell-Lambert. I’m a therapist and I’m developing a program about Life coaching for kids, aged 3-7 years.

I’m trying to create more understanding between teachers, caregivers and kids, which I think is missing in schools today. I believe that we can learn from and teach kids of this age in a far more constructive way, creating an emotionally intelligent foundation resulting in stronger, resilient adults.

I have worked closely with high profile people for twenty years under stress, and have studied a different approach to mental health extensively as a therapist for the last 8 years I’ve come to realize that most of our habits and reactions to the world come from the first 7 years of life. This has caused me to focus on solutions for this age group (3-7) in mental health.

I am passionate about healthy living, growing our organic produce, living in the Bega Valley breathing fresh air, drinking and bathing in rain water. I love and ride horses. I have two beautiful daughters, now 18 and 23.

The hub will help me with the business structure and support I need to get this project into schools around the world. I’m so grateful to have access to all the mentors and the other people in the cohort. This will keep me on track and accountable. So far I’m loving the connection and relationships forming.

I also had no idea that the course I completed was going to be as incredible as it was! It was packed with highly skilled mentors who had already achieved successful businesses and were more than qualified to teach us from all over Australia.

A large percentage of start ups fail because they have a dream but no real idea of how to bring it to market. This course and the ongoing support have given me the confidence to see that my dream is going to come true and I’m taken seriously when talking with investors because I’ve been a part of the program.

Sarah Campbell-Lambert,
Ginger the Frog