Team Members

Patricia Mills

Jed Done – of Jed Done Surfboards and Pambula’s Switchfoot Boardstore – has a life-long passion for designing and hand shaping surfboards. He is fuelled by his commitment to raising the bar in surfboard design and performance and has created some of the most forward-thinking surfboards available today.

Back in 2009, Jed was part of the project ‘Musica Surfica’, a collaboration between Richard Tognetti of the Australian Chamber Orchestra and a group of renowned surfers and shapers, including Derek Hynd, Tom Carroll and Tom Wegener.

The group travelled to remote King Island, on a quest to look at the art of surfing in new ways. It was here that Jed met a mathematician who deepened and defined his understanding of the importance of numbers and took his surfboard designs in a whole new direction.

Today when customers order a surfboard from Jed they enter into a surfer /shaper relationship that not only deepens their understanding of their craft, but undoubtedly leaves them pondering the possibilities of hydrodynamics and sacred geometry.

For Jed and his wife and business partner Patricia, joining the innovation hub is an opportunity for them to market their product and make business connections at a national and international level.