Team Members

Natural Chicken Health is a Bega Valley based business that promotes the interest, knowledge and natural care of backyard chooks.

Natural Chicken Health produces a specially formulated chicken treatment called Super Mash, a feed supplement that provides nutrients and probiotics to boost and vitalise chickens, help to reduce parasites and keep chickens healthy, naturally.

Cheryl Nelson from Natural Chicken Health is also the face of Chook Chat, a video blog and newsletter which provides information and education to Super Mash customers and backyard chicken enthusiasts.

Perfect timing for me the Bega Valley Innovation Hub has turned my business around more than I could have imagined. Fast paced, fabulous information and a wonderful cohort.

I developed a strong business model, extended my online products and sales and was able to position my business to adapt to the challenges that this year has brought – ie fire affected and Covid 19. I could not have done this without ongoing connectedness to the BVIH.

Cheryl Nelson,
Natural Chicken Health