Team Members

Leanne Atkinson

Homelessness and housing affordability for our most vulnerable is a serious issue across the region. It is not just a ‘city based’ problem and is less obvious in the country as it is often hidden.

I am proposing a Tiny solution for a Big problem. I have done a few things I am proud of. But, making a difference in the lives of others is what I strive to do.

When I am not working on this project, I am a regional development consultant. As such, I have sat in too many meetings where housing and homeless feature and is often seen as an insurmountable problem. I wanted to see if there was some way of contributing to the solution and making a difference.

I have been working on this project in the background for 18 months. I know I have a  skills but equally recognise I have several gaps. I needed to find a way of drawing from the knowledge and expertise of others in order to test whether this project will ultimately fly or fail. I believe the opportunity to work with mentors, entrepreneurs and co-workers will add real value to the project.

The ecosystem that had emerged as a result of my time in the BVIH meant that I had a support network, access to mentors and also connections to people that can help to create opportunities that I would previously not have had access to.

Leanne Atkinson,
Road to Home