Jo Lane ‘The Kelp Lady’ from Sea Health Products wild harvests and processes kelp products on the South Coast of NSW. With experience as a seal trainer and diver, she carries on the legacy of the ‘Original Kelp Lady’ Betty Long and her innovative use of kelp for food products.

Jo has recently returned from travelling overseas with the Yulgilbar Churchill Fellowship to research kelp farming systems and bring that information back to the east coast. She is working towards establishing a kelp farm and hopes to be instrumental in developing this new innovative, sustainable industry in Australia.

As a result of the program my business has an exciting, achievable vision to work towards and a strategy to get there.”

“The Bega Valley Innovation Hub has proven that they can deliver this world class program and we are beginning to see some incredible results. There is still so much potential for new business developments on the south coast and we need the support and connectivity of the Hub.

Jo Lane,
Sea Health Products