Team Members

Shelley Wright

Inclusive training for everyone. Jackie Parry is the founder of SisterShip Training, and with over twenty years of commercial and recreational experience, she tackles all maritime subjects from a woman’s perspective of being on board.

Follow and subscribe for free videos, podcasts, and online training which is developed in a logical sequence by two commercial and recreational skippers and trainers. We empower everyone to become a valued and competent crew member or take the helm as skipper. We help couples to become a cohesive team on board, which in turn creates immense enjoyment during their cruising lifestyle.

With our team’s combined maritime experience of over 60 years, we supply the tools that help all boaters become safe mariners while turning their cruising dreams into reality.

My friends and family noticed the difference in me after going through the program, they are not in business and they noticed that I talked and behaved differently. I felt (and feel) more confident, I know where I am going and how I am going to get there. I focus on what is important.

The on-going support is phenomenal, not only with the mentors/presenters but also with fellow cohorts, we all get to know each other and each others’ businesses, that advice and support has been incredible and so important.

Jackie Parry,
SisterShip Training