Youth Hack huge success

This week, almost 200 Year 10 students from Bega High School, Eden Marine High School and Lumen Christi Catholic College gathered at the Bega Commemorative Civic Centre to use creative problem solving and critical thinking techniques to brainstorm solutions for transportation problems and other real-world problems the students came up with themselves.

The event was hosted by the University of Wollongong’s (UoW) Bega Valley Innovation Hub and delivered by Zach Sequoia of Launch Factory, along with facilitators from the Innovation Hub, Launch Factory, Headspace, Bega Valley Shire Council, UoW, 2pi Software and TAFE Bega.

The three issues the students chose to tackle were:

  • How could we improve transportation options for youth in the Bega Valley Shire and can this be done in a planet-friendly way?
  • How might we improve awareness of vacant jobs, social and sporting events, and available services (eg: transport, mental health) for youth within the Bega Valley Shire?
  • How can we create and grow opportunities for cross-school events within the Bega Valley Shire?

Zach adjusted the same methods he uses with big business and government to take the students through the process of identifying the problems, coming up with creative solutions and pitching their ideas to each other.

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